Cheeky Monkey Tree Houses

November 27, 2019

Based in Horsham, West Sussex, Cheeky Monkey Tree Houses create bespoke treehouses, glamping pods, offices and more. With 15 years of experience across the UK, Europe and the Middle East, they can create anything from simple elevated cabins and peaceful hideaways to a complex maze of rope bridges and treetop hideaways. 

For over 15 years, Mid-Sussex Timber (MST) has been working closely with Cheeky Monkey, delivering high-grade timber for a range of incredible tree houses and projects.

Cheeky Monkey needed consistently high-grade timber that ultimately reflected the quality and craftsmanship of their designs. Another important element for them was to ensure they found a supplier who could deliver reliably throughout the UK, who could also be flexible when it came to third-party freight collections for overseas projects.

15 years on, Mark (owner & founder) at Cheeky Monkey, reflects on our working relationship: “We always try to use local businesses for all our materials where possible, and with such great service over the last 15 years we would always look to MST for our requirements. We find it straight forward and easy to make and amend orders when the demands of our projects require it.” 

With such an outstanding reputation and legacy, making sure the finished product is of the highest standard, is understandably an important factor for Cheeky Monkey. 

Mark added, “Sometimes we encounter the unknowns but MST is able to produce enough materials and deliver to our specifications even when we have last-minute changes to a design”

“Plus, the fact that most of their timber products are treated, and many of them kiln-dried, means that we have complete peace of mind with the longevity of our finished project; the materials stand up to the requirements of a Cheeky Monkey build.”

At MST, we love working with Cheeky Monkey and helping them to create incredible products for not only our local Sussex area but for the whole UK, Europe and beyond, to enjoy! The key to our successful working relationship is having a real understanding of their business. Mark said, “They are even able to pre-determine our orders, we have sent the designs to them directly for ordering without any additional input on occasions.” 

We’re looking forward to continuing our work with Cheeky Monkey in the future, working on a number of exciting projects “As we expand the business from treehouses and glamping projects to schools and outdoor offices, we will no doubt start to experiment with different materials and cuts. MST offers a wide variety of timber woods that work for us, so we look forward to exploring this with them further in the future.”

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