MST’s relationship with The Llama Park

March 18, 2020

Adjacent to Ashdown Forest, The Llama Park is set in 33 acres of beautiful West Sussex countryside. Despite what its name suggests, The Llama Park is home to a variety of animals; including llamas, alpacas, reindeer, horses, donkeys, Jacob sheep, Kune Kune pigs, peafowl and poultry. Guests can explore the park on their own or take a guided walk with a llama. On-site they also have catering operations, which features a coffee shop and restaurant with two function barns and lastly, a gift and fashion shop.

Back when Bobby Schuck bought The Llama Park in 2013, he applied for a comprehensive planning application to update the facilities on-site and to add various building projects around the park. When it came to redesigning the wood barns, they needed to buy similar wood materials, to ensure it was in keeping with the original style. As a result, Bobby came to us at MST and ended up buying his supplies, as well as a host of other building materials.

One of the main projects Bobby Schuck has worked on since buying The Llama Park is building the animal shelters and stables and he has worked hard to ensure the original facade and although he prefers to build his projects ‘in-house’, they now buy all of their wood supplies from MST.

Although it may sound like an unusual customer, we have worked with The Llama Park for many years and we now regard them as one of our premium customers and work hard to supply the right materials when needed to support their building projects.

“The team at Mid-Sussex Timber is nice and friendly, the prices are ok, service is good, and delivery is excellent. Overall we give them a 10/10”

Bobby Schuck, The Llama Park.

“As one of our most valued customers, we’ve enjoyed working with The Llama Park over the years. We are pleased they are happy with our high-level of customer service and we look forward to continuing our support”

Alex Waters, Operations Director at MST.

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